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My wife and I are considering building our own house and we realize that one of the things we need to do is get a house plan. One of the problems we are finding, is that that all the home plan web sites have houses that are close to what we want but not exactly what we want. (Also most of the web sites seem to have a lot of the same designs)

We thought a custom design might be better, so we contacted a local architect. He told us that "THE FEE FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS FOR A HOUSE IS ABOUT FIVE PERCENT OF HOUSE CONSTRUCTION HARD COSTS". Is this a normal fee? (If I am correct, the hard costs are all the costs involved in the actual building of the house? i.e. materials & labor?)

If the hard costs are $200,000 - $250,000 then that means his plans would be $10,000 - $12,500??? That sounds like an awful lot of money for plans.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Respectfully, Kevin


Creating an entirely new set of custom home plans requires a considerable amount of time and expertise. Design fees vary considerably based on these factors...continued.

Good luck with your project,
David Moore, AIA
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