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Hi, I have visited many websites and all seem to be for new home construction floor plans.

I live in a small ranch that I would like to build up and out to make room for my family. I would like to keep most of the floor plan downstairs the same as it is now. I do not want to move the kitchen or dining room.

I was wondering if you know of a site that would let me put my existing floor plan on their site and have them show me add on options from there .

Thanks, Joliene

Hello Joliene,

There's no website that I know of which will allow you to design your own addition, but it's a great idea. It's difficult to find a cost effective set of remodeling or addition plans because of the time and labor involved to measure and draw the existing house.

You could certainly talk to an architect or a residential designer about drawing plans, but this may be outside of your budget.

Have you already drawn your own house plans to scale? If so, you may be able to take your drawings to a design professional and ask them to sketch some ideas on an hourly consulting basis.

You also may want to talk to a few reputable, local builders. Some builders will provide the design and the plans at no charge if they will be doing the construction.

Good luck with your project,
David Moore, AIA
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