Cost of Home Additions

Hello Carl

My wife and I are planning to add 2 additional suites to our home.
As I scroll through your web site you mention that the most expensive home in the neighborhood is the hardest to sell.

What do you suggest that we do if we are not planning to sell anytime soon, if at all?

We have looked at other homes both new and old and have not found what we would get (sq ft wise) if we were to add on to our present home at the cost of new versus an addition.

Our current home has the bed rooms upstairs and for health reasons (plus ageing parents) we need to be on the main floor.

You site is very informative.

Thank You, Curtis

Courtesy of CADSmith Studio, LLC

Hi Curtis, you are right.

On my Cost of Home Additions page I do say that “The most expensive house in the neighborhood is very difficult to sell”.

As long as you are aware of that fact, and it appears that you are, and as long as you realize that you may not get back much, if any of your cost of improvements for a long, long time, if ever, far be it from me to put the “Kibosh” on your project.

My daughter and son-in-law just basically did the same thing and they are thrilled!

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann,