Walkout Basement - No Center Supprt Beam

I am looking to build a ranch with the basement being a walkout with 2
bedrooms, bath and a recreation area.

Since the basement has framed in room walls, I was told that I do not need a support center beam like a conventional home because the walls will be weight bearing. Are there any references to this type of construction? George

Hi George,
This is really a question for your home designer or a structural engineer, but I have built many homes with walkout basements without center support beams as shown in the photo above. It all depends on the design and what the maximum spans end up being.

The load bearing walls in the basement should or could act as they do on the 1st floor and carry the load of the next floor.

Be sure that the foundation plan calls for footings under the load bearing stud walls.
Good luck,
Carl Heldmann, byoh.com