Cost to Build a New Home

Summary: When you know how much it costs to build a home before you even decide whether to build or not, you are in a better position to decide what size, style, and quality of home you might be able to afford, and you are also in a better position to bargain with a home builder.

Carl, We are in the process of designing our house and I’m trying to get a cost estimate of what this house will cost us before we go get plans drawn of a house that we can’t afford. David

Hi David,

You are wise in trying to determine affordability before spending money on home plans. I learned that the hard way on my very first house. I had to toss the plans I had already purchased and go back and start all over again.

But that was then and this now.

Now I can show you how you can determine what you can afford by showing you how much it costs to build a house...continued.

Carl Heldmann,