License to Build

Carl, I live in Oregon and was wondering if you needed a contractor’s license to be your own general or build your own house? Does the bank require a licensed contractor for construction loans?

Thanks, Casey

Hi Casey,

No license is required in Oregon if you are building on your own property.

The following is from the Oregon Construction Contractors Board:

701.010 Exemptions from licensure; rules. The Construction Contractors Board may adopt rules to make licensure optional for persons who offer, bid or undertake to perform work peripheral to construction, as defined by administrative rule of the board. The following persons are exempt from licensure under this chapter:
 (1) A person who is constructing, altering, improving or repairing personal property.

As for construction loans, the Construction Lending world has changed, as have so many other worlds.
The best place to start looking for an Owner/builder construction loan is in your own “backyard”. Read my web page on this at How to Get a Construction Loan.

Good luck,
Carl Heldmann