Lumber Quality | Construction Lumber

Carl, you say that construction lumber is all pretty much the same quality.

You are so wrong.

While the lumber may be the same grade, the way it is handled and
stored at a lumber company makes a huge difference.

Different ways of wrapping the lumber also makes a difference.

I think you blew it when you said they are the same because they are not even close in some cases.

In my experiences there are certain companies I stay away from because of their return policy, customer service, and their quality of lumber.

I personally won't use a certain company around here because every experience I have had with them has led to numerous items being returned because of warping, mold, and incorrect sizing.

This is not because I have a friend or get paid from any other company to use their lumber, it’s because it is a headache to unwrap a pallet of 2x4's only to see mold or warping. Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

In 38 years in the home building business I have never seen a lumber company deliver the crap you are describing.

No lumber company could stay in business very long delivering inferior products.

Properly wrapped lumber delivery

What I did say in my article “Lumber Quality” is:

“Shop for the best price for the same exact lumber package and make sure that the return policies of your suppliers are good. You will always have “rejects”.

Its how your supplier handles them and treats you that is important”…read the whole article carefully HERE.

Carl Heldmann,