Cost to Build Calculator

Dear Readers,
I had three requests come in at the same time for the cost to build for three different states. None of the requests included a house plan so I chose one that I liked.
Here are the requests. Enjoy, Carl Heldmann,

1. I was wondering about cost to build in West Virginia. I am looking at home building versus housing market. City location if needed Bridgeport (26330). Thanks for your help in advance, Chad P.

2. Hi, Can you post cost to build for Jacksonville, FL. Please. Thank you, Jay P.

3. I currently live in the city and would like to move to the suburbs. I have chosen West Bridgewater, MA and would like to know the cost to build. Thank you. Jorge R.

This classic, two-story Colonial from Original Home PlansThe Elmwood 419 conveys a timeless elegance and offers an exceptional balance of spaces for entertaining and family life. Plans for this house have been carefully drawn and include authentic details. The layout combines a smooth flow with an efficient use of space. All of the rooms have large windows and will accommodate optimal furniture arrangements.

House Area (SF)
• Floor Area: 1,963
• Garage Area: 484
• Basement Area: 1,031
• Covered Porch Area 32
• Deck Area: 180
Stock Features
• Balcony roofed porch
• Formal Living and Dining rooms
• Open Family/ Kitchen area
• Double height entrance hall
• Compact, rectangular form

Cost Breakdowns:
Using the cost to build calculator from Craftsman Book Co. found on my “Getting Started” page and using a 4 corner perimeter (close enough)

and quality class 6 all the way through (HEY, you can always upgrade), house not in a housing tract & outside the metro areas, central HVAC, and one Zero-clearance insulated prefab metal fireplace with a brick facing, here are the costs to build for:

1. Bridgeport, West Virginia Zip Code 26330 = $211,776.00 including General Contractor Markup of $27,807. = $107 per sq ft.

2. Jacksonville, Florida 32208 = $232,722.00 including General Contractor Markup of $27,807. = $119 per sq ft.

3. West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02379 = $268,220.00 including General Contractor Markup of $27,807. = $137 per sq ft.