Resale Value

We are building our own home that we may resell.

Can we expect more money from installing natural gas utilities or by just pointing out that natural gas is available?



No, you can’t expect more money for installing natural gas utilities (utilities = heating, hot water, & cooking, etc.). Nor can you expect more money for installing electric utilities.

Utilities of one kind or the other are expected by a potential buyer and an appraiser gives no plus or minus $ adjustment for one or the other when comparing prior sales in the area.

What you can expect if you do resell and you “picked” the utility that is popular at the time as well as for the area in which you built, is potentially a quicker sale.

You are wise to wonder in the planning stage if something will later affect resale value.

Check with a Realtor who specializes in the area in which you are building and find out which is more popular.

If you still aren’t sure which is more popular, gas or electric, or you want one or the other for your own personal use, install one and prep the house for the other…not too costly to do during construction.

Good Luck,