House Renovation Estimate

My plans are to buy an older 2 story house (built in 1941), that is all brick with approximately 2,000 sq ft.

The wood framing is completely rotted from the roof down.

I suspect asbestos is also present.

The brick however, appears to be in good shape.


1) Cost to completely "shell" the house?
2) Cost to rebuild according to my desires?
3) Who do I contact in or around Charlotte, NC?

Thank you,

Hi Clyde,

You can determine the approximate cost for rebuilding several ways.

Using the construction estimating software (which was used to estimate the cost to build example on Cost to Build in North Carolina) you can establish a rough cost estimate to rebuild the entire house.

Then separate the categories on 2 separate spreadsheets, one for building the new house shell and the other for finishing the house.

And, read the following articles I have on:

Tear Downs

Shell Builders

How to Find a Builder

Almost any General Contractor can build your shell, especially now when new home construction is slow.

Be sure they are licensed and insured and get references and check them out.

A couple of side notes:

The brick that appears to be in good shape will have to be removed during the construction project and probably won’t be worth saving by the time you are ready to re-brick.

A Charlotte tear down
Having lived in Charlotte for 30 years and built homes in Charlotte, I saw my fellow builders tear down homes in a lot better shape than the one you describe.

And, you may be only buying a lot (building site) as most foundations are not worth saving…so don’t pay too much for the property.

Investigate this project very, very carefully before you get in “too deep”.