Cost Estimating – Spreadsheets

Summary: A formatted cost spreadsheet will make cost estimating an easier job.


We are planning to act as our own general contractors.

Do you have any idea of all the jobs that we would need to sub-contract out and get bids for? Karen

Hi Karen,

My formatted cost spreadsheets, either the Excel version or the free version will give you fast, overall picture of all the subcontractors you will be dealing with.

The free version comes with its’ own spreadsheet software. Unfortunately, it only runs on PCs, but if you don’t already have Excel, it saves you the cost of buying it.

Additionally, the byoh version has little “mouse over, pop up” text boxes for each category that remind you of items that make that category. These pop up boxes are very, very helpful. (See image)

There is also a free “web sample version” that can give you a quick overview of the mouse over function.

The “web sample version” is a working spreadsheet; you just can’t save any changes.

A list of the subcontractors and professional people you probably will be contracting with, listed generally in the order in which you will need them can be found on Subcontractors.

You should also read Cost Estimating - Explained.

Good luck,