Estimating the Cost to Build a House in Virginia-March 2011


I saw an old post (June 2010) about cost to build this design (by Jean Larson, then of SALA Architects).

The figure you calculate using the online calculator is significantly lower than what I calculate. Can you please advise?

Also, how many corners are you using?

I am also interested in building this design (in Minnesota, site of the original), but would like a better idea of cost.



Hi Kyle, I reran the "Estimating the Cost to Build a House in Virginia-June 2010" and the price did change since 2010.

It went down!

It went from $254,621 (including the General Contractor markup) to $247,637.

I also ran the cost to build this house in Minneapolis and came up with $263,354.

The criteria I used for both is as follows:
4 corners (Small insets not requiring a change in the roof shape can be ignored when determining the shape), # 6 quality throughout except for the foundation where I used #5, detached garage, unfinished basement, Forced air heat and A/C, not in a housing tract, and not outside a metro area.

Here is a J peg of the Richmond cost estimate.

Beautiful and graceful home!
Good luck,