How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

One of the most expensive and important components of a house is the roof.

The cost of roofing is based on the cost of the roofing material and the cost of the labor to install.

Roofing contractors charge according to the shingle weight and the roof pitch because, the steeper the pitch and the heavier the shingle, the harder their job is.

I think roof design is the most important component of home design.

I also think that the heavier, more expensive shingles, and steeper pitches, look great, and add value to a home by adding curb appeal.

Understanding how roof pitch and shingle weight affect the cost of roofing is important.

Read Roofing Cost-Roofing Cost Estimator and play around with the roofing cost calculator to see how different shingle weight, roof pitch and even different roofing materials really do affect roofing cost.

Carl Heldmann