Curved Walls & Arches -The Easy Way

Arched Openings, arched doorways, and curved walls can add wow factors to interior design, but they cost more money, as building them requires a high degree of carpentry craftsmanship.

Not all carpenters are skilled enough to do this job right

Flexible framing products allow curved walls, arched ceilings, soffits, and other features to be built without a high degree of craftsmanship

One product, Flex-C Trac can be used to frame curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves, columns, arch ways, curved soffits, light coves and acoustical clouds.

One way to make your house more memorable to visitors, or stand out to perspective buyers plus add value and marketability to your home, is to add home design features...that are unique.

Curved walls and arched doorways and openings are one such way...the easy way ....Read more
Carl Heldmann