What the Heck is Home Title Insurance

Courtesy of TitleSourceUSA.com

Summary: A home Title Insurance Policy is an insurance policy that you need when you buy land, or buy a house, build a new home, or sell a house. Home Title Insurance can protect you from financial loss due to tax liens, contractor liens or other claims on the property.

Abraham Lincoln lost his home (twice) because he did not have Title Insurance! You could too.

What is Title Insurance and why do you need it when you build or buy a house?

While most of us are familiar with insurance such as auto insurance and the like, most Americans are not familiar with Title Insurance. They have never even heard of Title Insurance.

It is a strange concept, and one not easily grasped at first, and there are very few people, even in the housing and mortgage industry that can explain Title Insurance and all its nuances.

I strongly suggest YOU... continued.

Carl Heldmann