How Much Does Cost To Build a House In Santa Rosa California?

Hello Carl,

I see that you used Santa Rosa CA as an example for your square foot cost
of around 100.00 per square foot in that area.

Do you think it still can be done for that amount and include permit fees?

My wife and I are considering moving to Santa Rosa and have considered building a house rather than buying one already built.

Thanks for you time,
Joe G.

Hi Joe,

The cost estimating software I use is provided by the Craftsman Book Co. They are one of, if not the most respected names in construction cost estimating. Their books and software are updated as needed.

Using the same construction cost estimating software and the same quality, design, and size as I did before, the approximate cost to build a house in Santa Rosa, CA came out the same for 2016.

But you have to remember, that until you actually get bids and/or estimates to build your house, any estimate will remain approximate.

Land, land development costs, and any impact fees or any other such local fees are not included in the estimated total cost to build this house. They are not included in any of my cost to build examples.

Carl Heldmann