Be Your Own General Contractor

My book, Be Your Own House Contractor: Save 25% without Lifting a Hammer, is now available as an eBook at a great price.

The Amazon Kindle Edition is fabulous and you can start reading it in under a minute!

The five most frequently asked questions I hear are and that are answered in my book are::
1. What is the actual cost to build a house?
    A. 75% of what a comparable new home sells for.
2. What does "contract my own house" mean?
    A. That you are in charge! You're the CEO.
3. Do I have to be licensed?
    A. Not in the USA or Canada.
4. What is the number one problem that builders run into?
    A. Cost overruns.
5. Can I really save 25% without lifting a hammer?
    A. Yes.

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Carl Heldmann,