What is Builders Risk Insurance | How Much is Builders Risk

Summary: Builders Risk Insurance can protect a new home under construction against loss. The cost of Builders Risk is Minimal.

Carl, something I don't see on your web site is whether or not builders insurance should be a part of the budget? And if so, what are we looking at for cost? Chuck

Hi Chuck,

Absolutely, builders insurance, or more specifically Builders Risk Insurance, should be part of your home building budget as well as any home building budget.

You will find "insurance" listed as an expense item under "Permits, fees, surveys" which is the first Cost Category, on my Cost Estimating Explained page.

The cost varies from state to state, city to city and is priced according to the value of your new home.

An approximate cost can be obtained by calling your insurance agent, or any insurance agent that writes Homeowners" insurance. Builders Risk insurance is basically Homeowners Insurance, or Home under Construction Insurance.

It does not cover any personal property, but when your new is completed, it often converts to regular Homeowners Insurance.

Good luck,

Carl Heldmann, byoh.com