Free Construction Estimating Software

Hey Carl.

Some websites charge to obtain the cost to build a house plan before purchasing that plan.

I'm currently looking at a few house plans on a particular website, but I want to know the approximate cost to build them before actually purchasing a plan.

What do you think? Nikki

Hi Nikki,

I think you are right. That is why you will find free construction estimating software, plus a few cost estimating  tips on my Getting Started page (and other related pages) on

You should be able to determine the approximate cost to build almost any home plan using this free construction estimating software from the Craftsman Book Company, one of the most respected names in cost estimating.

In the initial stage of planning, you can use just the estimating software and the web site drawings of floor plans and elevations from home plan companies to go through the process of rough estimating.

You can play around with the cost estimating software until you get an idea of how the critical elements of size, quality of construction, and basic design (# of corners and one story versus two stories, etc.) affect the cost to build a home.

Then, based on what you can afford to build, you can pursue a particular house plan.

Good luck, Carl Heldmann